International French Fellowship Ministry

Pastor Patrick Munyakazi preaching the Word of God!


The International French Fellowship Ministry (IFFM)   CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO KEEP UP TO DATE!

Is a new ministry of Asbury United Methodist Church starting in Januay 2014.   We are here to unite all French speaking people living in Cedar Rapids, and the surrounding area from all nations to worship God.  We believe in the message of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!   The IFFM has several activities to reach people for Jesus Christ such prayer, visitation, and evangelism.
Pastor Patrick Munyakazi is Associate Pastor at Asbury UMC (photo above) and is the preacher and leader or our International French Fellowship Ministry. You can email Pastor Patrick at 
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Sunday worship and praise at 12h30  (French language worship service)

Saturday 16h00 prayer and study bible
Saturday 17h00 choir rehearsal

American Culture Life Skills Class in Session


Worship and Fellowship bring us together. We love God and each other.










Above- Pastor Patrick has a word for the women

Come and Join us! God loves you and we love you!

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